Why Offer a Group RRSP?

Group RRSPs are a great way for progressive employers to help their employees save for the future. In fact, group RRSPs offer a wide range of benefits for employers and employees alike:

  • Attract the best talent

    Group savings plans are a great incentive for employees, thereby offering progressive employers a unique opportunity to her attract, and retain, talented employees.

  • Happier and more engaged workforce

    Offering a group RRSP is a great way for employers to take a vested interest in the financial health, and future well-being, of its employees.

  • Convenient contributions

    Regular year-round contributions through payroll deductions make use of dollar cost averaging, allowing employees to smooth out overall portfolio volatility and reduce the stress of timing decisions.

  • Flexible

    Group RRSP plans and much more flexible than traditional pension plans, allowing employees to access funds for other important life events such as purchasing a home.

“Traditional group RRSPs are not very ‘user friendly’. Employees are often given a battery of paperwork to complete, a complicated list of investment choices, little support, and no advice. A ModernAdvisor group RRSP addresses these issues, and many more.”

Michael Callahan, Certified Financial Planner

Benefits of ModernAdvisor Group RRSP

ModernAdvisor vs. Traditional
Low cost investment choices with ETFs
Efficient online process
Guided investment selection
Broad based diversified portfolios
Automatic portfolio rebalancing
Optimal portfolio construction
Phone, email, and online chat support

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